Drug Crimes

Drug charges are a serious matter in Hood County, Texas. If you have been arrested for a drug offense, even possession of a small amount of drugs, your case has the potential for significant jail or prison time and a permanent criminal record. Our team is willing to challenge prosecutors and will do what it takes to make sure you have a fair fight.

We assist clients in Granbury and surrounding areas who are charged with:


Possessing Marijuana

Although society’s attitude toward marijuana has relaxed, the laws have not changed. Possession of marijuana is a crime with potential penalties that include jail time and fines.

Controlled Substance Offenses

Possessing drugs such as meth, cocaine and heroin is usually a felony, with the level of crime and potential sentence depending on the amount.

Clients with drug charges are sometimes surprised at how stiff the punishment for a drug offense can be. Controlled substance offenses may carry years in prison as a potential consequence.

Drug Manufacturing and Delivery Offenses

If you are charged with one of these offenses, your potential penalty is even greater than for a controlled substance offense.

Granbury Drug Charge Attorneys Providing Tailored Representation

With the potential for harsh punishment and a permanent criminal record in mind, our lawyers will aggressively defend you against a drug charge. We will:

Review all the circumstances of your case to determine what evidentiary challenges we can make. If police did not have a legal basis to search your vehicle or person, we will challenge the search as a way to get your case dismissed.

Use any mitigating circumstances in your defense. For example, if you were charged with drug possession because drugs were at a party that you attended, we will use that to help your case.

Tailor your case for your individual situation. Although we are fearless trial attorneys, we also know that alternative resolutions may serve you better. Successfully completing a rehabilitation program may be a way for your charges to be dismissed.