We know that an order is only so good as everyone is following it and that sometimes the other side just doesn’t think the rules apply to them. We are experienced at dealing with the very toughest of situations and are prepared to force the other side to answer to the court for their actions. Sometimes that means asking that they go to jail, pay YOUR attorney fees, or many other actions that can be requested.

We handle enforcements which include the following:  Unpaid Child Support, Refusals and Denials of Visitation, Moving Outside the Geographic Restriction, Failures to Consult with you before major decisions, etc.

Remember that in the state of Texas the Court can order the other side to pay your attorney’s fees and legal expenses if they are held in contempt, and frequently do, and this can even be done by a wage withholding order just like child support. You can continue to be stepped on or you can make them answer for their actions. Often an enforcement can be helpful to show to the Court why the other side is not as good as they say they are and will help document the file about their behavior as we prepare for a full child custody fight.