Estate Planning


Estate Planning is the process by which you arrange for the transfer of assets in anticipation of death or serious disability.

A proper estate plan aims to preserve the maximum amount of wealth possible for the intended beneficiaries and flexibility for the individual prior to death or serious disability. Many people think of Estate Planning as just having a will, and for many people that is enough to meet their needs. But nearly always, we also need much more. Estate Planning includes Disability Planning, Business Succession Planning, and Estate and Gift Tax Planning.

In simple terms, Estate Planning involves designing a comprehensive set of wills and trusts, Power of Attorney documents, marital property agreements, buy-sell agreements for business owners, and related instruments to suit your needs. Estate Planning also includes providing assistance with probate and the other procedures that are necessary when a loved one dies. There are literally dozens of techniques, documents and services that we may utilize to achieve your goals, from Bypass Trusts and Insurance Trusts, to Family Limited Partnerships, to Charitable Trusts.

The planning you do today will have the effect of being the last thing you do while in this life. Please don’t try to make this a “Do-It-Yourself” project, there are certain things you must get right and this is one!